Kapsel is a circus company dedicated to artistic explorations, with an emphasis on object manipulation, music, and science.

Company members Erik Åberg and Jay Gilligan premiered the show Bevis in 2013, and toured with 400 performances in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Creation for a sequel production called Blick started in the autumn of 2015, with the first performance in spring of 2016. Their third offering, Object Episodes, is an internationally touring combination of both Bevis and Blick which started in 2017.

Based in Stockholm, the company members have previously collaborated on a number of international projects. They have produced tours in Japan, Iceland, and America, started a boutique juggling prop manufacturing company, and released several documentary video compilations. Both artists participated in the Swedish tour of the show Kanon by Vifira in 2012 and 2013. Mirja Jauhiainen produces all touring logistics for Bevis, Blick, and Object Episodes, and runs the company office.

Kapsel holds a unique curiosity about the world, with a heavy focus on physical properties of objects and their purpose. The transformation of every-day household items into circus concepts gives the opportunity to apply this same kind of flexible thinking to all areas of life. Kapsel wishes to give the audience a possibility to look at the world differently. The result is the ability to see alternatives that perhaps aren’t obvious or intended, which then leads to an understanding of patterns, behaviors, and habits- providing a clear context for artistic discussions. The experience is not just conceptual- the contents of each show are distinct events which are not representative, but rather concrete physical surprises.

Erik Åberg
Jay Gilligan
Mirja Jauhiainen